Fantastic Smartphone

Automatise Behaviours is a project conceptualized by third year students of Bachelor media & interaction design at ecal. The objective was to imagine processes questioning our use of smartphones and especially hacking different applications governing our daily life such as: 1. Tinder, 2. A pedometer, 3. Instagram or 4. Telegram, by a mechanical system. My role was to create a concept with the students and then to design the whole project both visually and mechanically with Florian Pittet to create a family of products. 

Image by ECAL/Jimmy Rachez

Milan design fair 2020. Comissioned work for ECAL.

Dessine-moi un jardin

Inspired by the comics of François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters, “Draw me a garden” is an infinite game. It turns on itself like a hamster wheel. The player, driven by the music of Philip Glass, moves from platform to platform in a city initially deserted. Everywhere he looks, vegetation appears, transforming the city into a flourishing jungle.

Exhibited for Design Days Geneva 2021 in Pavillon Sicli.

Dessine-moi un jardin

VR infinite world

Alfa Wave

In the context of a work on the Arve River which flows through Geneva, we collected a large number of visual datas around the Leman Express bridge which crosses the river at Carouge. Alfa Wave is an illustration of this collected datas. This installation looks like a campfire around which one gathers to observe for a long time the movement of the hypnotic water. But as near the bridge, the train breaks the dream at a fixed time.

Alfa Wave

Data Exhibition


For exactly twenty years, the Gaudard house has been home to the mudac on the Cathedral square. To bring to a close this period in which it has played the role of museum to perfection, the mudac pays homage to it by offering to house, for three months, a rich selection of extra-ordinary and (almost) functional objects and creations. My little popsicle stick and three thundering Milanese bells are in the game! /Lison Christe

Collective exhibition in MUDAC


We are 62 designers exhibiting our ice sticks at the Palais Gallery in Neuchâtel as part of the Cultural Spring. A holiday breath will blow on the opening which takes place on June 1st at 5pm. /Lison Christe /Palais Galerie /Denis Rouèche /Prune Simon-Vermot

Collective exhibition with 62 designers in Palais-Galerie

Salone del mobile

For the 2019 Milan International Furniture Fair, we present the thundering collection of interactive doorbells developed by the 1st year students in the Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, under the joint direction of graduate Mathieu Rivier and Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard and in collaboration with the EPFL+ECAL Lab./ECAL /Lison Christe /Mathieu Rivier /Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard /Mathieu Lang /Cédric Duchêne /EPFL+ECAL Lab

Scenography: /ECAl /Mathieu Lang

Pictures: /ECAl /Calypso Mahieu

Graphism: /ECAL /Bilal Sebei


Interactive exhibition created with ECAL for Milan design week.


As part of the development of the Riponne and Tunnel squares, the city of Lausanne is launching a participatory project in the form of workshops to encourage discussion and interaction between the inhabitants. Invited by Constructlab, which will build an ephemeral village square around an oven and an inflatable hut, I organize activities around jungle bread. Big wheels made by me will be at your disposal to roll and toast your own bread above the oven. /Constructlab /Lison Christe

Organisation of fire-related activities in collaboration with Constructlab.

Point and Shoot

Point and Shoot is an exhibition realized for Bachelors industrial design and media & interaction design students from ECAL presented in the Mudac exhibition « Ligne de mire » in Lausanne. Students created two concepts during workshop with Map Project Office from London. The first project captures pictures when subjects are striking one of these poses : angry, sad or happy. The second is a talking camera. Instead of creating an image she will dictate it. /ECAL /Lison Christe /Students: Pierre Alain-Longval, Iskander Guetta, Manfred-Gordon Baud, Hanieh Rashid, Amélie Demay, Pierry Jaquillard. 

Photos: /ECAL /Calypso Mahieu

Point and shoot

Interactive exhibition created with ECAL

Where there are Cameras there are people

Where there are cameras, there are people is a interactive installation, autonomously interacting, photographing and collecting the portraits of the visitors. In three sections of the dispositive, the work traces the topics of dematerialisation, transmission and materialisation of images. While the interaction between the visitor and the three robots (abstractly resembling three paradise birds on roosts) first is playful, the true nature of the interaction gets revealed to the visitors along the installation. The three collectors are each connected to a series of networking cables, flowing in loose waves to the final point. In the section of materialisation, the visitor is confronted with a thermal printer continuously printing the collected portraits of the visitors, revealing the true character of the installation. The work thematizes the hyperobject of the connected camera being the materialisation of the vast system of cameras, manual and automatic postprocessing algorithms and machine vision enabled cameras. /OOOF

Where there are cameras there are people

Interactive exhibition created with OOOF


Interactive exhibition of « where there are cameras there are people » in the Cabanon space in Lausanne. /OOOF

Graphic design: /Giacomo Bastianelli

Interactive exhibition in the Cabanon space in Lausanne.



We move to the Renens area with our workshop. We are industrial designer, photographer and multimedia designer. /OOOF

Photo: /Florian Amoser

Opening of our studio with Florian Amoser and Pietro Alberti

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Lausanne en valise

Exhibition of the series « Lausanne en valise ». A city object as a work of art. /Lison Christe

Presentation of a series of inflatable works at the 2014 Museum Night